Please come and see one of our performances…we would love to entertain you! Please understand that no event is confirmed until stated so. To book Third Strike Wingwalking please contact Carol Pilon at 1-819-665-1133 mobile,,   or send up smoke signals.,  . We are in negotiations with several events so please check in for further updates.

January 30-13 North East Council of Air Show New York

February 15 Flight training with Patty Wagstaff ! Bill Adams Legacy Flight Prize

March 9-13 Spring boot camp Merana Arizona Filming wit Galaxie presse for FT1 Documentary

March 19-20 LA County Airshow Lancaster Ca

March 26-28 Cushing Oklahoma VR filming shoot private

Aug 13-14 Greenwood Lake Airshow  New Jersey

Aug 20-21 Spectacle Aerien des Cantons de l’Est, Bromont, Quebec

Sept 3-4-5 Cleveland National Airshow, Ohio


Filming for two undisclosed televised series will continue throughout 2016 at selected locations