Carol Pilon- Wingwalker


Photo by Jim Rogers

Carol Pilon hails from Masham, Quebec, Canada. She first saw wingwalking on a television commercial for a local air show. It was love at first sight and she had found her calling. She has been a professional wingwalker since 2000.

Carol has performed with no less than seventeen different pilots, ten of which she helped accredit on five different types of aircraft. She also mentored a team in Austria, teaching lower wing work and actual walking. She has helped set new wingwalkers on their path and assisted pilots in obtaining competencies.  She has walked on the most powerful aircraft, a jetwaco with 3000 available hp to the one with the least, a quicksilver ultra light at 45hp

Her career has seen her establish many firsts such as:

First woman and only woman to walk on a jet propelled aircraft.

First and only Canadian wingwalker

She executed the first and second documented winter wingwalks in Maine ( Brrrrr)

She is the first woman, Canadian and wingwalker to outright own and operate a team inNorth America.

She played an instrumental role in an all woman wingwalking team in 2002 and she formed another all woman team in 2011.

She performed wingwalking in the Fox feature presentation of Amelia.

Carol was featured on the Macleans list of Top Canadian Daredevils in 2011.

Carol and her team were main characters on the Discovery Channel’s Airshow. The show aired in 2015, in Canada, Europe, Latin America, Arabia and Africa, securing 17 million world wide viewers over twelve weeks. Media hits for that season culminated to 208 million impressions.

Carol and Third Strike wingwalking will hit the airwaves yet again in Sky Gods, set to air in 2016.

Carol has experience in dual wingwalking, formation wingwalking night time pyro wingwalking and she simply excels at solo wingwalking.

Carol owns two aircraft. She is an FAA certified airframe technician. She received her solo proclamation in 1990 and received her first jump certificate in 1989 from the Canadian Sports Parachute Association. She is also a US DOT certified motor carrier. Carol has performed before millions on the North American circuit, Across Canada, the United States and even in the UK. Throttle it up, Baby!