Photos: Suzan Fisher / Kerry Newstead

“Beyond Ambition, beyond desire, beyond limitations, beyond the quest for perfection lies only the knowledge and certainty that one can achieve more, give more and be more. Strive for it”

Carol Pilon-Wingwalker

“So I decided that I was going to ride this pony into the desert and I’m going to keep riding until it up and dies and then I’ m gonna drag it’s dead carcass another couple of hundred feet for good measure. There is no plan B.”

Renegade Red

“So you think you’re pretty fearless dragging sparks through town in your chopped and channeled Model A, fighting bald tires and drum brakes while your girlfriend is texting you for the fourth time wondering where the bleep you are. You drop a gear and gun that V-8 until everything else is a blur and you can tell yourself that you really are the genuine asphalt hero, keepin’ up the tradition, doing it old school…..Then you meet Carol Pilon and it becomes real clear, crystal clear, that you and your sorta legal jalopy really aren’t that much after all. What she is bringin’ is a bright red biplane Stearman rigged for the kind of stunts you and your rickety rolling bleepbox can’t even imagine. She does her thing out in the wind, unprotected with  a Pratt and Whitney radial engine belching out a 450 hp lullaby three feet from her head. And one more thing. Just like back in the old days, there’s no parachute.”

Curtis Cummings for Garage Magazine

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